It was all about trust and the sense of security

June 5, 2017

I knew I would hire Chrystin 5 minutes into our conversation no matter what the cost was, for me it was all about trust and the sense of security someone can give you. Priceless! Chrystin has a very serene, composed and nurturing voice and touch, it brings a lot of peace during labor.

Had something gone wrong I knew she would keep me calm and reassured. She’s also very knowledgable, I learned a lot from Chrystin about labor, birth and options you have in and out of a hospital and ways to relieve pressure and pain. I

didn’t have Chrystin with me for long in labor but it was her voice that helped me through all the transition pain and her voice in the back of my head before she got to me reminding me of what I need to do. She’s an absolute amazing support system before, during labor and after.

I hired a doula because this was my first natural home water birth and I wanted to have the most support and knowledge I could get to have the best labor and delivery.

Kelley Davis

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