Thank you again Chrystin for the support, photography, and availability postpartum.

June 5, 2017

I would refer Chrystin’s doula services to any expecting parents. I was pregnant with my second child and didn’t think I needed a doula again because I had already been through the labor process. At around 8 months I started getting very anxious and my obgyn was not helping.

Because of my “advanced maternal age” (just turned 36 and am a healthy, active person with no health concerns) they already started talking about inducing me at 38 weeks. I would leave each appt in tears. That’s when I knew I needed somebody who was on my side and could help me stand up for what was right for me and my baby. Being that my due date was only a few weeks away I was nervous that I would never find somebody in time.

After doing some research I found Serene Birth Services. Chrystin is such a professional in the doula Buisness and an amazing resource. She met with my husband and I that week and immediately eased my anxieties with her knowledge. The best decision we made was hiring her! I definitely learned to always have a doula no matter what birth number you are on and also that you can stand up for your personnal birthing decisions and not feel pressured.

Thank you again Chrystin for the support, the memories you captured from the photography and being available even after 6 weeks postpartum for me. You have been a blessing to my family.

jordan wooddell

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