10 tips to finding a trusted doula!

January 19, 2015


1) Word of mouth, a good place start, would be asking around on your local social media mom groups. 

2) Google the doulas who you would like to inquire with, you never know what you might find!

3) Ask your provider, maybe they have a doula that they know and trust.

4) Interview, trust your intuition. It’s important for you and your partner to  connect with your doula. Make sure you both go to the interviews!

5) Testimonies, some places you can look for reviews on are Doulamatch.net, Facebook and Yelp.

6) If you are taking a childbirth education class or yoga, ask your instructor.doula support

8) When meeting with potential doula, ask her for referrals from her previous clients.

9) If she’s a certified doula, you can check with her certifying organization like CAPPA, DONA or ProDoula.

10) Ask around to your local birthing centers, they might have a list of doulas they know and trust.


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