Chrystin Was Always Available and Responsive

November 19, 2013

If you’re considering hiring a doula, I would highly recommend Chrystin! She helped us with preparation by discussing our birth plan and helping us practice positions and techniques for labor. She was always available and responsive as we waited for our baby to come. My son was a week late, so I had to go into the hospital for a nonstress test. While I was there, my water broke. Chrystin came to meet us at the hospital right after I called her. She helped us with suggestions to get labor going. I walked, ate, rested. Crystin gave me a leg and foot massage to hit pressure points to help trigger contractions. Throughout labor, she suggested different positions and was always there to help with whatever we needed. I felt my contractions in my back, so Chrystin helped by applying counter pressure and back massage when my husband needed a break. She took beautiful pictures of the birth. After my son was born, she stayed with us until we had gotten started with breastfeeding. The following week, Chrystin came over for a postpartum visit to make sure all was well and to talk about the birth. Even now that her official "duties " are done, I know Chrystin is still available for support and providing resources. Thanks, Chrystin!


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