Chrystin was amazing!

February 11, 2014

Angel Lee Testimonial for Birth Doula Chrystin PflumSince my first birth went quickly and smoothly my husband wasn’t sure that we needed to have a doula for the birth of our second child. I told him that birth was uncertain and I wanted to have that support available in case we needed it.

Chrystin exceeded his expectations and mine! She came to our home twice before the birth and went over every possible concern or question. She discussed how the birth of our daughter went and what we liked and did not like about that experience. She truly listened to everything we had to say.

She checked in on me and was so cheerful and happy to talk about everything baby related, which is wonderful for a pregnant woman! Who doesn’t want to talk about their baby?

My first daughter was born a week early and came very quickly. This time I started early labor about a week early but I had a dreadful cold and my body, wisely, put a halt to labor. I had prodomal labor the next week. This was new to me because it was so different than what happened with my daughter. She wanted me to tell her every little change or event because we knew that I tended to progress quickly. I was concerned I would bother her or seem paranoid but she was so happy and excited over every bit of progress. It made me feel so supported and secure. I never felt like a bother.

It was like having a wonderful cheerleader who could answer your every question cheering you on!

During actual labor she massaged my legs and made suggestions to keep things moving and keep me comfortable. She took beautiful pictures of the process that I love.

After my daughter was born she stayed and made sure all was well. In the days and weeks that followed she checked in on me. Not just about how I was doing after delivery but about my family since my father had gone into ICU the day after my daughter’s birth.

In short she was amazing. Any one would be lucky to have Chrystin support them!


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