Your Birth Plan

Postpartum Support

A birth plan helps you think through your wishes and preferences before, during and after your child is born. As your Birth Doula, it is my job to ensure that your wishes are known by all members of your birth team including family members, your midwife, your doctor and the birth center or hospital if you are not giving birth at home. I will work with you to develop your birth plan. Questions to consider include:

During Labor

  • How long past your due date are you willing to go before considering induced labor?
  • Who will be present during the birth of your child? If siblings will be present, do you have a plan to ensure that they feel cared for and comfortable during your labor and delivery?
  • Do you prefer to move around as you choose during labor?
  • Do you want to play music or dim the lights?
  • Do you prefer to choose what you will wear (nor not wear!) during labor?
  • Would you like intermittent fetal monitoring?
  • Do you want to let your water break naturally?
  • Will you deal with labor pain through natural methods (breathing techniques, hypnosis, massage, etc) or are you open to receiving pain medication such as an epidural?
  • Do you want to choose when and how you should push?
  • Do you want to be free to choose any position that is comfortable for you when delivering your child?
  • Would you like to view the birth of your child using a mirror?
  • Would you like to touch your baby’s head as it crowns?


  • Would you prefer to hold your baby immediately after delivery or would you like him or her to be dried off first?
  • Do you want to wait until the umbilical cord stops pulsating before it is clamped and cut?
  • Do you have a specific person in mind to cut the umbilical cord?
  • Will you donate the baby’s cord blood? If yes, to a public or private bank?
  • Do you want to see the placenta?
  • Do you want to delay bathing and measuring for an hour after childbirth so that you can feed and bond with your baby?
  • Do you want any and all procedures done to your baby explained to you before-hand?
  • Do you want your baby evaluated and bathed in your presence?
  • If your baby must be taken from you for medical treatment, who should accompany your baby?
  • Will you exclusively breastfeed? May your baby be offered a bottle or pacifier?
  • If your baby is a boy, will he be circumcised?

Thinking through your birth plan can be daunting, especially if this is your first child or if your first child was delivered by cesarean section rather than by vaginal birth. I will help you work through these questions as well as any other concerns you may have about your childbirth experience. Although childbirth does not always go according to plan, thinking through these questions and sharing your plan with your family members, midwife, doctor and birth doula ensures that insofar as possible, your wishes are known and respected. Contact me today to get started on formulating your birth plan!