I didn’t just "have" a baby, I achieved a personal victory!

August 22, 2013

Jill_Yutzey-Latsha_Testimonial_Birth_Doula_Chrystin_PflumI don’t have words enough to explain my experience with Chrystin. When people ask me about my natural, waterbirth I typically start out with "I would not have been able to do it without Chrystin". I just had my 3rd baby on Aug 5 2013. Due to a car accident and miseducation my first 2 birth experiences were traumatizing and far less than stellar. I needed this to be my healing birth. My husband wasn’t keen on the idea of having a doula, he didn’t understand my need to have a drug free natural birth, and that’s ok, I told him "It’s not for you to understand, it is for you to accept", even with the resistance I moved forward with Chrystin as my doula. She came to appointments, I had her number and messaged her everyday toward the end of my pregnancy and she was excited to answer all of my questions, calm me when I was nervous, cheer me up when I was feeling bummed and listened to me moan and groan about all my pains, emotional and physical. She came to my house when I was in labor and applied counter pressures to my back during contractions which was amazing, she had me walking around and on the yoga ball — she knew EXACTLY how to get my labor moving!! We went to the hospital when I was 5cm and I had the baby an hour later. I went from 5cm to 10cm in less than an hour because I was comfortable and she helped me realize that this moment, this event, is what my body was meant to do, that I was preparing for this for 9 months. She took amazing pictures as I was pushing and captured the very moment I accomplished what I had set out to do; hold my waterbirthed, drug free baby boy in my arms and remember it vividly. I didn’t just "have" a baby, I achieved a personal victory! My heart is healed, I had my healing birth I wanted which also healed the pain that I was holding onto for all these year. Chrystin, if you are reading this, I can’t thank you enough, I am eternally grateful!

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