Throughout the Labor Process Chrystin Was By Our Side

February 9, 2014

Words do not begin to describe my experience with hiring Chrystin as my Doula. After a scary medically intervened birth with my 2nd child, I vowed to be in control of my birth with my 3rd little one. One of the decisions we made was to hire a Doula. With not much information we researched and finally met with Chrystin. My Husband and I knew immediately she had the passion and education to help us through our natural birth experience. I had a severely complicated pregnancy, a cerclage at 10 weeks, Hydronephrosis at 19 weeks and a Nephrostomy tube at 24 weeks. I began contracting vigorously at 34 weeks and the cerclage was removed early at 2cms dilated, I had a large band of scar tissue holding my cervix at 2cms. I was scheduled for induction with pitocin and epidural again by my midwife. Chrystin was by our sides and vigilant in helping me have the birth I so desperately wanted and needed. My midwife whom I trust and adore, was convinced my plans for a natural birth were not going to come to fruition. With Chrystin’s tireless support both emotionally and physically we made my dream come true. A week before my induction date my water broke. Through out the labor process Chrystin was by our side with many pain relief techniques and cheering me on. She advocated for me to get up and moving, with the birthing ball, the shower and different positions she helped me move baby through the birth canal and endured my relentless ” I cant do it’s” and continued to support me and encourage me. I was offered an epidural and she stood by my side as I considered it for a milli second and told me I could do it without intervention. I declined the epidural and I moved through the final stages of labor only with her support and encouragement. She was beyond educated and passionate about our birth and seemed as emotionally invested as we were with having the outcome we desired. Chrystin made sure my Husband was comfortable as she supported us as well. HIRE CHRYSTIN Best DOULA!!


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