Vaginal Birth After Cesearan (VBAC)
I Did It, You Can Too!
(with Chrystin’s help!!)

March 26, 2014

My first was a traumatic C-section. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant we knew we had to do things differently. I scheduled an appointment with an OB and they shot down all my plans of a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesearean). So I researched as much as possible on VBACs and came across the ICAN facebook site. Everyone on their expressed how much a doula and a midwife is needed for a VBAC. So my husband and I decided we needed to find both. I called all the other doulas on there. Chrystin was the only one who called me right back and was cheerful and excited on the phone before we even met. I had 20 questions for her on that phone call and she cheerfully answered all of them. On our first meeting we instantly clicked. My husband and I knew Chrystin would be perfect for us. I had 100 questions for her at the 1st visit and she answered all of them. On our next visit Chrystin and I went over my birth plan and went over laboring positions with us while my kids played. Monday I started to have contractions so I texted Chrystin and she checked on me all day! Tuesday more contractions. Wednesday my midwife said it was today. Chrystin was at my house in an hour (we live 45 minutes apart). Chrystin encouraged me to move around into different positions and to walk. At the hospital she ran to meet us in triage. In labor, she was like a sister, she put my hair up, wiped my face, got me drinks, helped me to the bathroom and encouraged me the whole time. My water broke all over the floor Chrystin grabbed towels and threw them at my husband and my feet. Immediately after this it was time to push and before I said anything Chrystin was on the phone with the nurse. She was right next to me for 16 hrs of labor! She took great pics too! She checked up on me for a week! Chrystin was a necessity to my natural VBAC. I do not believe we would have had a successful VBAC without her. She was absolutely amazing! Thank you Chrystin! Considering a doula? Pick Chrystin!!!

Jessie L.

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